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Arcadia Hotel Suhl

Enjoy and Relax in the Thuringian Forest!

Welcome to the Arcadia Hotel Suhl, located in the middle of Germany and surrounded by an unique landscape. The 4-star-hotel is located in the city centre of Suhl and connected with the Congress Centrum Suhl and the Ottilienbad.

The restaurant “Sedici” – Italian for “16” - belongs to the hotel. That constitutes not only the floor, where it is located, it stands for the Italian lifestyle and  relaxed atmosphere.

Suhl is known as the city of guns and the hunting and sport weapon production. It is famous for its shooting world cups and has one of the greatest shooting ranges in Europe.

The hotel is the ideal starting point to visit art-, culture- and sport-locations in Suhl and Oberhof and to discover the diverse possibilities around.